My interviews on PBS’ “Closer to Truth” have been posted!

When I have some time to catch up on this blog I’ll post each vid and describe them one by one to make things easy, but this is the page that contains my bio and all the posted vids.  Check out the whole site!  Amazing material, both in the source interviews and the themed television episodes that are spun from them…

Thanks to Robert Lawrence Kuhn and his Closer to Truth team for this!  🙂



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2 Responses to ME on Robert Lawrence Kuhn’s PBS program “Closer to Truth” website

  1. Peter Falker says:

    great job neil!  these are so well done (almost as good as our podcast…).  will enjoy watching all of them.  have been a big fan of Kuhn’s program.  thanks   Peter J. Falker, CFA FalkerInvestments Inc. 612-501-4338


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