At Deepak Chopra’s 2014 Sages and Scientists Conference

A talk about my complexity theory stuff updated through the lens of my current collaboration with Quantum Physicist/Cosmologist Menas Kafatos.

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2 Responses to At Deepak Chopra’s 2014 Sages and Scientists Conference

  1. Sean Webb says:

    Awesome presentation! There is some deep DEEP wisdom here. HHDL would be most interested in this. He’s an absolute science NUT. I’ll see if Meng can’t pass it on to him the next time they hang out. On a side note, I eventually want to do a podcast with you on this topic and have a non-woo-woo discussion on consciousness. I want you to gather as many “fans” or followers as possible before your next publishing effort so we can shoot your next book to best seller list.

  2. neiltheise says:

    Too kind, Sean! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. Would be really great to do a non-woo woo podcast with you some time. As for HHDL: it’s been a loooooong held dream of mine to have the chance to convey this material to him – i think he’s really love it, too, and it would be small return for all that he has given me over the years (through film, videos, Kalachakra empowerments, talks, conferences, and, once, a shared giggle back in 1985 when i literally, physcially bumped into him at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, here in NYC). If you could see that something could get passed to him for his entertainment, that would be SO GREAT.

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