Thinking Outside the (Skull) Box, Part 7

Huffington Post 9/30/2013

We bring it all to a nice conclusion!  Finally!  😉

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3 Responses to Thinking Outside the (Skull) Box, Part 7

  1. Brad says:

    I’m reading Andrew Solomon’s incredible “Far From the Tree”, which speaks of autism and other disorders/diseases which effect the brain. I’m wondering, if someone can be born profoundly autistic, say, without a sense of self, that the “you” are talking about – that which we call ourselves but has a separate consciousness – is actually possibly biologically determined? That is to say if you can be born human, but without a sense of that “you”, then would that mean that the “you” of consciousness is biological? Are any of these senses of self or self/universe dependent on brain development?

  2. neiltheise says:

    My current take on this, Brad, is that the brain and body “transduce” consciousness from the wider, fundamental consciousness of the universe and it gets filtered into something with more limited scope – including our senses, capacity for thinking, etc – the way a radio tunes infinite radio waves that overlap with each other into a single channel that we can hear as Beethoven. The brain/body complex is necessary for human thinking and, if altered from “normal”, changes how that transduction takes place (my mom’s brain, with subtle dementias is getting too much information that overlaps, not too little because of dysfunction – and she herself describes it as being like a difficult to tune radio). Perhaps the brain/body complex of someone with autism transduces it differently: I’d love to have a conversation about that with Temple Grandin. 😉

  3. Brad says:

    That’s an interesting comparison. I read Oliver Sach’s Hallucinations recently, which is a surprisingly apt unintended companion. Have you read that? It’s an fascinating question if you look at the brain as you suggest – almost like a malfunctioning (or differently functioning) machine – I know even the language makes it feel weighted. I’m interested in that idea of tuning a larger consciousness, especially with autistic abilities (like Temple Grandin) or prodigies, as well as the idea that more information is being processed. Obviously neurology is a young science in this area, but it’s fascinating to look at where it gels in this idea of a larger outside consciousness. Fun stuff, although I have contented myself knowing that it’s too big for an answer, or possibly an answer might be too large for my limited mind to contemplate fully. Thanks for posting. I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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