I think i forgot i did this…?!


Me talking about Cell Doctrine and alternate models of the body and such.

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So this happened this week! New podcast!

On the eve of the East Meets West Medicine Fest  (11/20-21) in which i’m participating, KMO, from C-Realm, asked to interview me. This resulted! Enjoy! 🙂
Transducing Consciousness

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Me and Deepak – going deeper!

Dr. Neil Theise & Deepak Chopra: Revisiting Evolution of Species

Where will I wind up…?   Tune in to see!

Preview for full conversation at CuriosityStream.com

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“The Path to Wisdom”

For The Path (thepath.com) I will give a talk and a short guided meditation this Monday night (May 11). The path to wisdom? Really?? Their title for it! But yes, will be talking about the kind of insights into the nature of being human, of existing, that can be one of the fruits of practice. Both entry level and sophisticated (i hope!)

Share this or join in, please! 🙂


“In a gorgeous SoHo apartment, with terraces overlooking the city, we’ll meditate, enjoy tasty treats, and hear from from Dr. Neil Theise about the path to wisdom and awareness.”

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Fundamental Awareness: Source of Mind and Matter


This will be happening on May 29, at the Village Zendo, at 7 PM.


For full details:


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Non-Dual Conscious Realism at SAND 2014!

Menas Kafatos and I proffered this abstract (below) at last year’s Science and Non-Duality (SAND) conference.  We have developed the ideas a bit further and, for a variety of reasons, are now referring to the theory as Monistic Awareness.  Nonetheless the ideas are basically the same.  The paper is in preparation.  Hope you like!

Non-Dual Conscious Realism (SAND 2014)

Non-Dual Conscious Realism (abstract)

Through successive, recursive, creative interactions, phenomena and entities at each level of scale self-organize into emergent phenomena and entities at each next higher scale, comprising the entire cosmos.

These triadic principles of complementarity, recursion, and creative interactivity (wherein “sentience” is the special case of the biological) are reflected throughout all scales. Though emergentist/materialist positions predominate in contemporary discourse regarding consciousness, the primacy of this non-dual conscious reality, which we emphasize is the deepest possible “panpsychist” perspective, is not contradicted by any known scientific phenomena. Also, unlike most emergentist positions, it is inclusive of the inextricable linkage between observer and observed, subject and object, decisively revealed by quantum mechanics. Indeed, at all levels of scale above the quantum realm, quantum-like effects – such as uncertainty, complementarity, superposition, entanglement, non-locality – reflecting such interconnectivity are recognized.

Corollaries of Non-Dual Conscious Realism include that: materiality is not implicit in the universe, but is entirely a scale dependent phenomenon; the “hard problem” of qualia is subsumed by confirmation that all phenomena of the universe are qualia within consciousness; neural correlates of consciousness are not how consciousness is created, but are, rather, the ways in which the nervous systems (human or other) transduce consciousness into adaptive, species-specific perceptions and behaviors. Individual consciousness and associated qualia are part of the universal, non-dual conscious reality.

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Panel: Exploring Non-local Consciousness at SAND 2014

Didn’t know this panel in which I had the pleasure of participating was up on line.


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