FoamInterview with Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust on “Expanding Minds”

Self-organization, the empty cell, and the mind of the quantum foam: a wide-ranging talk with Dr. Neil Theise, stem cell specialist, complexity researcher, and practicing Zen Buddhist.

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Teaser Clip for my “One World” interview with Deepak Chopra

Neil Theise

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Complexity, Culture, & Consciousness … A Panel Discussion

complexity culture consc

This is happening Sunday evening, 1/26/2014 @ 8 pm EDT. Come listen! Should be fun and interesting!

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Double Belonging: At Home in Two Religions

Intro video for this retreat of this past weekend with the extraordinary Robert Kaku Gunn, PhD (Christian-Buddhist) and Ann Holmes Redding, PhD (Christian-Muslim)…  Wish you had all been there!

Check out their books, too!

Journeys into Emptiness: Dogen, Merton, Jung and the Quest for Transformation

Out of Darkness into Light: Spiritual Guidance in the Quran with Reflections from Jewish and Christian Sources

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Zen Brain, 2014!

Will be joining old friends and teachers for Zen Brain:Consciousness, Complex Systems and Tranformation, Jan 30-Feb 2, 2014 at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe!

Here’s the course description – come join us for what should be a GREAT program!

Increasingly, cognitive science presents us with a vision of mind as grounded in the complex transformative processes of life, while neuroscience presents us with a vision of the brain as a complex adaptive system that constantly reshapes itself in response to context, experience, and practice. How can this vision of complexity and transformation enrich our understanding of consciousness—the felt experience of awareness across waking, dreaming, sleeping, and dying? In this intensive program we explore our lived experience of awareness in relation to our living bodies and brains seen as complex adaptive systems. We focus especially on the themes of “embodied cognition,” “emergent processes,” and “enaction” (cognition as embodied action). Neuroscientists, philosophers, Buddhist scholars, and Zen teachers explore these themes through presentations and discussion interspersed with periods of meditation practice throughout each day.


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Neil Theise…One World…

Neil Theise

My promotional pic for an interview I did yesterday for the “Deepak Chopra…One World…” program! Great team, great interview. :)

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Thinking Outside the (Skull) Box, Part 7

Huffington Post 9/30/2013

We bring it all to a nice conclusion!  Finally!  ;-)

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